about the site
about this site

Though it was suggested many times that there be a website in his name, he was never sure as he claimed not to understand this technology. It was during his last few months that he had concurred to have a website for his works. Dharampalji once mentioned that sometime in the 60s he had his hand read by a roadside jyothishi. He had predicted at that time that Dharampalji will always have a group of youth around him to do him seva and that he would never run out of such assistance. Dharampalji maintained that this has been one prediction that has come true in his life, he always had a group of people who were interested and willing to work with him. 


The website has been put together by a few friends of Dharampalji in his memory to be a repository of the vast knowledge that he held. It was initially started in 2006 and subsequently taken down because of some objections. Currently, with Dharampalji's centenary approaching and many events being planned between 2021-22, this important work is being revived through a voluntary network of his associates, friends and admirers.